David Kinker lives a simple life, rich in experiences, growing up with the Wyoming Tetons in his back door, taking river and horseback pack trips into the wilderness, and eating naturally harvested local foods.

David later lived in a small mountain town of Arizona before the a whirl wind of high schools took him to Maryland Arizona and on to Colorado going to vocational technical schools for illustration and prepress. 

Upon graduation David when into architectural training, learning architectural rendering, model making and production art. Moving east looking for better opportunity David found himself in Texas where life adventures brought him into the service of the nation for over 4 years as air crew, his sights were firmly engaged in his pursuit of art after the Navy, finishinshing a bachelors in visual communication and making Bend Oregon his forever home. David worked at the local ski resort as their mountain graphics manager while rafting in the summer. David broke out on his own after a few years of the mountain and has been pursuing the life of an artist doing all sorts of illustration, murals, fine art, abstract, and art instruction ever sense.

David have been giving interpretive river experiences on 15 different rivers commercialy for nearly 30 years through out the North West.

David loves the adventures of rivers beyond his back yard and has been on expeditions on many of the Idaho rivers, 4 times on the Grand canyon, 7 rivers in seven days in equator and a two week epic river experience on the Rio Marion in northern Peru in addition to any of the many regional water ways in oregon.

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“Rivers are my muse”,  the change in season,  adventures wild and mild, the ribbon of life passing through great wilderness and inaccessible canyons.  David learns from its pure laws, Nature is without ego, regret, or greed, uncompromising when not respected.

A life rich in experiences is never more tangible, or spirits so at peace and content. then when on the river.  Davids paintings are a attempts at sharing his delight in being alive in the cathedrals of nature, reminding us of our connections to it.

The meditation of Painting reflects this awareness, and the relationship we have with nature.  A tangible force of nature is water. the relationship David has with water is driven by the desire to be in relationship with the forces of weight, momentum, current flow, gradient, wind and more! It is the real dance where its what one dose with the control you have yet not to have complete control . Seeing the whole scene, not just the individual elements. where one cannot be anywhere else except right here right now.  Davids artistic creations are a record of process while in this active meditation.