Maupin holds a special place in Davids heart as a long time seasonal resident.

Davids handy work can be seen all over town in murals and hand painted signs.

During the heat of the day of course you might find David leading a group down the river

sharing local lore, stories of the indians, many of the uses for the plants along the river, geology, hydrology too.


riverside restaurant

the Riverside restaurant is located in Maupin Oregon, featuring house made fare, full bar, regional wines, craft beers, live music, and art work by David Kinker


maupin market

the lovely modern Maupin Market has a running art show, look for a showing of local landscapes by David in May.


down town mural

Historic mural recreated, the original mural had faded, the city hired David to repaint the original which was painted by a number great lady painters of the town many years prior.

the mural is across from the market, also look for hand painted windows through out town.