David Kinker has a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication with an emphasis in Illustration. He also studies art history, architecture, world myth and the sciences. His academic background blends with his diverse world experiences such as ranching in the Wyoming Rockies, to living in the colorful influences of the southwest. In addition, his four years as a naval air crewman traveling the world gives him an awareness and consideration of a larger picture that truly enhances the success of his artistic style.

David won a national award for his art at an early age and continues to demonstrate his diverse talents. He regularly shows in regional galleries and businesses. His true passion is working as a freelance artist on commissioned murals and illustrations.

David finds great enjoyment in engaging clients through the design process putting your needs, ideas, thoughts and his visual painting expertise together into the creation of visual solutions.

David supports his community by creating murals in nursing homes, childcare centers and social services buildings. He works with numerous non-profit organizations producing decorative signage and illustration to enhance their image.

Selected to show at:
Charles and Emily Frye Museum, Seattle, WA  

Look around the site to get a feel for the types of projects that David could tackle for you. You can explore the Gallery to get a feel for David's more traditional work. You can also take a look at a new style he is developing in New Art. David's passion for detail make his Murals very powerful.

Soon you will be able to look at the Rivers section if you want to experience some of the adventure that inspires David.


David Kinker