sagebrushers art society

Please join Davids ongoing classes from October through May.

David brings great passion and patience to his classes,

His teaching style promotes creativity with logical understandable process.

David has mentored many an aspiring artist to become publicly showing working artist,

many use painting as a personal practice for stress management,

and a personal mean of growth through this reflective meditation.

our resident deer napping out side the studio

our resident deer napping out side the studio

sagebrushes art society

Today, SageBrushers boasts 113 members, holds classes for artists of all levels, provide space for them to work, as well as to meet and critique one another’s work. Sage Brushers boasts a grand arts library, its own gallery, and public showing all over town.

A.M. classes

9:30 - noon

117 n.w. roosevelt

Bend Oregon

P.M. classes

6:00 - 8:30