I have taken David Kinker’s class for about two and a half years. If you want to take your

paintings to a whole new level then take a class from David. You learn all the elements of

painting, to be creative in your painting, you will learn about value and color, and can finally

throw those color charts away.

David is very patient with his students, if you do not understand something, David will explain it

to you as many times as it takes for you to understand.

David is very kind in his critiques, but he lets you know what you can do to make improvements

to your painting.

David can have a class full of students yet each one gets the attention they need. I occasionally

take workshops but I feel I have learned so much more from David than from any of the


If you are really serious about your paintings and want to take them to another level then be sure

to take classes from David. I cannot say enough good things about David. I consider David my


Nancy Misek