art instruction

for over 15years

david has enjoyed sharing his passion with others helping them find their inner muse,

fall winter and spring you can find weekly classes at Sagebrushes Artist Society, a number of workshops in the winter months at Central Oregon Community Colege, watch for workshops in the comming year at the coast and beyond.


Feature 1

Today, SageBrushers boasts over 100 members, holds classes for artists of all levels, provide space for them to work, as well as to meet and critique one another’s work. look for davids weekly classes on all variety of topics, david is particularly good at teaching color harmony, perspective and drawing, in addition to process, composition. david has helped many artists chase their dream of becoming confident publicly showing artists.

classes are thursdays 9:30 - 12 noon and evenings 6:00 to 8:30 just show up or contact david.


Feature 2

Central Oregon Community College, offers workshops a few times a winter by david where materials, techniques, are thoughtfully introduced, considerations about building a painting through process intuitively from black and white, to color, and from transparent to opaque, david covers all the bases in a all day boot camp painting workshop, lecture demonstration and hands on individual instruction provided. this year january 12 and febuary 9th.

DSCN2322 - Version 2.JPG

Feature 3

summer brings Plien air painting season, look forward to classes and workshops regarding painting in and from natures beauty.